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PeopleMaven is a people search engine.

We’re the world’s largest people database, organized into one-of-a-kind skills, experiences & affiliations.

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Why you would use it.

PeopleMaven is for consumers and businesses.


Finding the right doctors, dentists & stylists is hard.

Fact #1. Review sites are focused on businesses, not people.
Yelp reviews are focused on businesses, not the service professional. Brands shouldn’t matter. The person providing the service is more important.

Fact #2. Review sites do not have the criteria you’re looking for.
A Yelper’s favorite stylist may be horrible when cutting thick or curly hair. Sidestep that problem with PeopleMaven. Find a list of hair cutting pros, focused on thick or curly hair.


Businesses are always looking for talent, but traditional recruiting has two big problems.

Fact #1. Traditional recruiting is slow.
Weeks go by waiting for qualified candidates to roll in. Precious employee time is spent on rounds of rounds of interviews.

Fact #2. Resumes and interviews are flawed indicators.
Resumes contain exaggerated and sometimes false claims.

Candidates can say the right things at the interview.

In a perfect world, hiring managers would only hire candidates they’ve worked with in the past. But in our lifetime, we’ve only observed, first-hand, the work of perhaps 300 and at most 500 people.

So the next best solution is to get referrals. And that’s what PeopleMaven is: a list of amazing people, recommended by those we trust.

How PeopleMaven Started

PeopleMaven was founded by Lewis C. Lin in 2016.

Before PeopleMaven, he spent nearly two decades at Fortune 500 companies at places like Google and Microsoft. As a Microsoft executive, he led a large team, constantly hiring for new talent.

After spending years searching for talent and making countless hiring mistakes, Lewis researched what makes a good hire. He also investigated methods on hiring efficiently and accurately. From that research, he prototyped innumerable hiring solutions.

And the winning solution: PeopleMaven. It’s a people search engine built on top of trusted recommendations, using the world’s top AI tools and computing power to analyze and deduce talent patterns.

In any domain. In any location.

Who we are.

Lewis C. Lin

Lewis C. Lin

Founder & CEO

Lewis grew up in Southern California. He graduated with an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a computer science degree from Stanford University.

He’s an avid board game fan, retiring from competitive board gaming with a world championship title for his favorite Euro strategy game, St. Petersburg.

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Kaitlin Hung

Kaitlin Hung


Kaitlin is from sunny Southern California and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Dance and Performance.

In her spare time, she loves watching anything Pixar, eating fried pickles, making her kitchen a mess (aka cooking), and dancing classical ballet.

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Stephanie Chan

Stephanie Chan

Design & Marketing

Stephanie grew in the Seattle area and graduated from University of Washington with a degree in Psychology & Communications and minor in Art History. She previously worked in tech recruiting.

In her spare time, she likes to cook, go to karaoke, binge watch shows on Netflix, and travel.

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Kevin Zhou

Kevin Zhou


Kevin grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Minnesota. He’s fluent in English and Chinese. He loves pineapple and cheese.

In his spare time, he likes to learn about new technologies and experience the great outdoors. He’s currently working on his Master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Wisconsin.

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