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What We Do

Built in Seattle, PeopleMaven helps you save, share, and discover the world's most amazing people.

Our Story

People are the beating ❤️   of any project or organization. People realize a project or organization's success through their creativity, their curiosity, their courage, and their commitment.

However, good talent is hard to find, even with powerful search tools like Google.

Here at PeopleMaven, we are changing that. Our mission is to make it easy to discover the world's best people for any project — at home or work.

Join us in our mission. People are amazing. Let's start connecting.

Focus Areas

Visit our new lists, and you'll see that PeopleMaven can be used to save, share, and discover amazing people in any field.

We do want to create a high-quality, valuable resource for you. So we chose amazing software engineers as our first focus area.

Finding Us on the Web

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